Research and Development

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Research topics

CAWa is looking for answers to the following questions:

  • How will climate change in Central Asia?
  • Which impact does climate change have on glacier dynamics and water availability?
  • Does the risk of extreme events, e.g. floods, increase?
  • How do the operation rules for water reservoirs have to be adapted under changing climate conditions?
  • How does groundwater contribute to agriculturally productive fluxes?
  • How can the salinization of soil be avoided?
  • To what extent does groundwater feed the Aral Sea?
  • What is the contribution of aerosols to soil salinization?
  • Which role do aerosols play in climate change?

Tools and data for water management

CAWa will provide several tools for water management in Central Asia:

  • 10 hydrometeorological monitoring stations
  • Real-time satellite communication system, which may be used also by other monitoring systems
  • Extendable data archiving and processing unit
  • Regional climate model
  • Hydrological models for selected mountainous catchments
  • Code of practice including recommendations to increase water use efficiency and avoid soil salinisation


The data obtained within the CAWa project will be published in data bases on this portal. This data will include:

  • Real-time hydrometeorological data from the newly installed monitoring stations
  • Metadata of the hydrometeorological time series available at the participating Hydromet-services
  • Hydrochemical data from field campaigns
  • Remote sensing data, e.g. on land use, vegetation, snow cover and relief