Session 2 : Monitoring and modeling the cryosphere

(Chair: Martin Hölzle ; Co-Convener: Tomas Saks, University of Fribourg )

Glaciers as well as snow cover in the high mountain regions of Tien Shan and Pamir play an important role in the regional water cycle of Central Asia. Glacier and snow melt during summer season are essential for the water supply of the Central Asian countries.  However, the dynamics of the cryosphere as well as its response to climate variability and change are still not well understood. The session intends to discuss recent advances in the field and invites contributions in the context of cryospheric observations and modelling applications.  Topics may include but are not limited to


  • Cryosphere-atmosphere interactions, climate change impacts and implications for hydrology
  • Ice dynamics, geomorphology and georisk
  • Glacier mass balance measurement campaigns and insitu observations
  • Remote sensing based monitoring of glaciers and snow cover
  • Cryospheric modelling (including energy balance and ice dynamic models)