Session 4 : Using water and land resources: Challenges and sustainable solutions

(Chair: Christopher Conrad, Maik Netzband, University of Würzburg)

The overarching target of this session is to address and discuss research regarding the use of water and land resources in the context of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Central Asia. The dynamics of land and vegetation cover as well as recent changes in the land use systems, e.g. land abandonment, shall be demonstrated. Contributions dealing with the exploration of alternative options for land and water use (diversification of crops, lake water potentials) are very much welcome.

We also invite contributions with regard to

  • Mapping and explaining patterns of land degradation, e.g. soil erosion, salinization of soils and groundwater
  • Measuring land productivity and its change over time (irrigated and rainfed cropland, pastures) and scientific options for decision support
  • Monitoring of evapotranspiration and assessment of water demand at different scales
  • Indicator systems in ecosystem analysis, ecosystem service assessments for spatial planning in the land and water sector
  • Demographic development, settlement growth and changes in urban and peri-urban ecosystems
  • Competing demands of water and land resources