Announcement : Young Scientist School 2024 at TIIAME NRU (Uzbekistan) /Научный семинар 2024

Climate Impact Assessment on Water Resources in Uzbekistan: Implications to agriculture and hydropower sectors

29 - 31 July 2024


The Young Scientist School (YSS) offers an intensive program covering climate change and water resources in Uzbekistan. Lecturers from prestigious institutions such as Humboldt University of Berlin, TIIAME National Research University, National University of Uzbekistan, as well as research centres like the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ Potsdam) and the Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ Leipzig), will deliver insights into climate circulations, climate change impacts on water resources, and effective management strategies.

The curriculum includes theoretical sessions on hydrology and practical exercises using modern tools for managing water resources in Uzbekistan amidst climate change. This program aims to equip young scientists with the knowledge and skills needed to address real-world challenges in these fields.

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