CAWa Edu Workshop „CAWa Tools in Water and Land Resource Management“ at Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration (TIIAME)

A CAWa Edu Workshop took place at the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration from June 13th to 19th 2018.


The seminar addressed dedicated master and PhD students as well as junior university teachers, researchers and practitioners from Uzbekistan with interest in geoscientific methods for water resource management and its practical implementation. 21 young researchers and stakeholders from various Uzbek universities and organizations participated in the event and were trained with regard to modern geoscientific techniques and their potential application in the field of water and land resource management.

In the framework of the CAWa project several state-of the-art tools were developed in close cooperation with Central Asian partner organizations, all aiming at an improvement of transboundary water management. The tools cover a broad range of water related monitoring and modelling applications. Statistical models have been developed and calibrated in order to provide robust seasonal climate and runoff predictions. Remote sensing based monitoring techniques allow for the systematic observation of water resources and land use characteristics.

The seminar provided an overview of those data-driven methods in the field of climatology, hydrology and remote sensing and emphasized its potential for improved decision making in the context of water recourse management in Central Asia.

The course also included an introduction into statistical data analysis, geographical information systems and remote sensing in order to provide a basis for the independent application and advanced development of the presented tools.