CAWa Hymet Station Monitor online

By December 2010, 5 hydrometeorological monitoring stations have been installed and connected to the regional CAWa Hymet monitoring network. Their observational data is now accessible to the public in a graphical form. To have a look at the visualized data, go to the Station Monitor.


To select the type of data you wish to view, press the button TYPE OF MEASUREMENTS

You may select the following data groups:

  • Temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity
  • Radiation
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Soil water content
  • Supply state (load incoming from solar panels, charge status of batteries)
  • Travel time of the EM wave¬†

You may also select the period for which to visualize the observational data.

To submit your inquiry, please press the button FIND

The station monitor has been developed at GFZ for the purpose of remote station control. It visualizes near-real time operational station data. The data may include errors. GFZ and CAIAG assume no liability for the correctness of this data.