Technical Training "Installation, Operation and Maintenance of CAWa HyMet Hydrometeorological Monitoring Stations"

From 15th to 19th April 2013 the techncal training "Installation, Operation and Maintenance of  CAWa HyMet Hydrometeorological Monitoring Stations" will take place in Potsdam. The CAWa project invites engineers and technical staff of organizations intending to build up and run hydrometerological monitoring stations in their countries.


CAWa Hydrometerological Monitoring Stations and Network

The CAWa project, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, aims at establishing a regional research network in Central Asia and at improving the data basis for sustainable water management. Particular emphasis is given to the improvement of the hydrometeorological monitoring network in the headwaters of the Amudarya and Syrdarya river basins. In 2013, GFZ and its Afghan partner institutions are preparing the installation of two permanent multi-parameter monitoring stations in Afghanistan as part of the CAWa monitoring network.

Course concept

The hands-on training will include lectures, practical exercises and field works and be held in full-day lessons for 5 days. The focus will be on the practical demonstration of systems, software and sensors by the lecturers and the application and implementation of the learned concepts by the participants. The field installation of a test station is foreseen. 

Language:  All lectures are given in English. The course materials incl. manuals will be provided in English and will be made available at the eLearning platform of the CAWa project.

The announced training builds upon previous trainings in the frame of the CAWa project. The objective is to enable the specialists of the Afghan partner institutions to install, operate and maintain the CAWa Hymet monitoring stations on their own.

For details, please see the course announcement.

Contact the organizer

Stephan Duckert

Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ
Potsdam, Germany

phone +49 331 288-1038