Third Training on operation and maintenance of CAWa monitoring stations

The third training on the operation and maintenance of the automated hydrometeorological monitoring stations installed in the frame of the CAWa project was held at CAIAG (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), 8-12 December 2014. 17 Participants from the Hydrometerological Services of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan as well as from CAIAG were trained in the set-up of the monitoring stations, configuration of sensors and required maintenance works.


Station components

The lectures included information and exercises on the working principles and configuration of the hydrological and meteorological sensors as well as the technical (electronic and mechanical) components. Additionally, the station’s computer system including the management software, which handles the data storage and satellite transfer, were explained and practically tested. The theoretical lessons were complemented by a field trip to the operational monitoring station Baityk located south of Bishkek. This knowledge of all components is a prerequisite for understanding and analyzing the data delivered by the stations.

Station data analysis using SDSS

Dr. Alexander Zubovich, head of CAIAG Department 3, presented the Sensor Data Storage System (SDSS), a newly developed data base which allows convenient user access to the raw CAWa station data. It features a data preview function and analytical tools for users as well as data correction tools for station administrators.