Welcome to the CAWa-Green project

Central Asia faces big water-related challenges, among them water scarcity, degrading water quality and inefficient water use. Climate change may even aggravate the situation. These challenges can be met only in a joint effort of all Central Asian states. The CAWa-Green project in the frame of the “Green Central Asia Initiative” intends to contribute to a sound scientific and a reliable regional data basis for the development of sustainable water management strategies in Central Asia.

To address these challenges, the CAWa-Green project established a consortium of leading German and Central Asian geoscientific research institutions. Partners from Central Asian universities and state agencies complement the network.

The overarching objectives of the CAWa-Green project include:

  • Support informed decision making in land and water management through transparent data sets
  • Promote regional and trans-sectoral cooperation
  • Strengthen professional and methodological capacities of specialists and researchers

The CAWa-Green project was launched in February 2020 as a follow-up project of the previously accomplished CAWa Project and is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office as the scientific-technical component of the Water Initiative for Central Asia (“Berlin Process” and “Green Central Asia”).