SDSS - Hydrometeorological Observations and Sensor Data Storage

In the past years, an extensive transnational network of Remotely Operated Multi-Parameter Stations (ROMPS) has been installed in Central Asia in the frame of the CAWa project that continuously captures meteorological and hydrological observations. In addition to the ground-based station network, a satellite-based monitoring system has been established to provide water levels of selected lakes and reservoirs in this region.
The data is made freely acces-sible to all national Hydromet services and to the international community through the Sensor Data Storage System (SDSS) of the CAWa project.
SDSS is the main storage and dissemination system for all Level 0 meteorological and hydrological data acquired by CAWa and other ROMPS stations in  Central Asia.

The data are seamlessly integrated into the database of the SDSS immediately after their transmission from the stations.
In addition, radar altimetry data from missions such as AltiKa, Jason-2 and -3, CryoSat and Sentinel-3A is automatically processed for lake and reservoir heights in Central Asia and continuously added to SDSS.
A graphic user interface available in English, Russian, and German languages offers the possibility to interactively retrieve hydro-meteorological data and selec-ted water levels using a web browser. The user can choose the station and variable of interest, display the data time series, print charts and download the data as XML file to be opened by major data analysis tools for further analysis.

SDSS is hosted and maintained at CAIAG and is accessible via: