WUEMoCA - Water Use Efficiency Monitor in Central Asia

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WUEMoCA Инструмент для выработки обоснованных решений в вопросах земле-и водопользования

WUEMoCA Informed Decision-Making in Land and Water Resources Management

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Efficient irrigation agriculture is essential for regional development and adaption to climate change. It requires timely, reliable and acces-sible data on water use efficiency as well as land use. The online information tool WUEMoCA constitutes a continuous and automated monitoring platform that provides free access to spatio-temporal agricultural geo-infor-mation, such as land use and crop types, yield estimations, and evapo-transpiration assessments. This information is derived from open-source optical satellite remote sensing MODIS imagery and freely available global climate data.

The spatial focus of WUEMoCA is on the irrigated cropland area in the Aral Sea Basin shared by Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,Turkmenistan, Taji-kistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. The tool completely builds on flexible and extensible open-source software packages, such as GeoServer, Java and Python pro-gramming libraries, QGIS, GDAL geospatial data abstraction library and OGC web map services.  Thus, it is open to modifications and adaptions to specific user demands. Key indicators allow for the iden-tification of marginal lands with low productivity, the localization of areas with lowest or highest land use intensity and for assessments of water use efficiency.

WUEMoCA will contribute to the current database at the scale of the Aral Sea Basin and thus to informed regional decision-making. The tool addresses national governments, regional and transboundary autho-rities as well as specialists in water management institutions. Potential users include also educational insti-tutions and the scientific com-munity.

The tool may be used in study programs on geoinformation technology and remote sensing, as well as in environmental  
research in Central Asia.

WUEMoCA can be freely accessed by any current standard web browser and is hosted and maintained at the SIC-ICWC: