Capacity Building

The methods and results developed within the CAWa project are intended to be used beyond the funding period. Thus, a number of tools will be provided that will be applied and continuously adapted by Central Asian professionals in science and water management. The tools include the hydrometeorological and GPS monitoring network with the corresponding databases, the climatological and hydrological models as well as the recommendations for best-practice in water management and irrigation.


In addition to the tools, the knowledge acquired within the CAWa project will be transferred to Central Asian professionals in several training courses. The courses will be designed at GFZ and CAIAG in close cooperation with the German IHP/HWRP National Committee and be held as pilot courses at GFZ in Potsdam. In the pilot courses the trainers will be trained that will later on give training courses for young professionals at various institutions in Central Asia.


The course materials will be available via the CAWa web portal as e-learning modules.

The developed courses will be also be used for the implementation of curricula in Central Asian tertiary education.